Dixieland jazz may not be your thing. Atlanta native Blair Crimmins is on a musical quest to change that and to revive the sounds of old America in a fresh new way.

Accompanied by his seven-piece band, affectionately called The Hookers, Blair Crimmins produces both classic tunes and original pieces that hark back to the 1920s New Orleans music and dance scene.

Blair Crimmins & The Hookers dropped their fourth studio album, "You Gotta Sell Something!," earlier this year. The ambitious record is a tour de force of quick bebop, jazzy horns, and even banjo shredding.

Crimmins delivered that energy in the GPB Performance Studio this summer. We asked him the obvious question: “Why Dixieland Jazz?”

“Nothing else is as much fun as Dixieland,” Crimmins said.

He also explained how incredibly active the music is for the players, how everyone can dance to it, and how saturated the sounds are in Southern culture. For those reasons, he said, it’s too valuable a genre of music to let die.

Don’t miss Blair Crimmins & The Hookers the next time they roll through town. As anyone who saw them perform at GPB can attest, they’ll bring sounds a century old and make them as lively as ever.