Performers from the Atlanta cast of
Performers from the Atlanta cast of "The Taming" do a reading at the 7 Stages Theatre. This show is being staged across the country as an alternative to going to Washington, DC for the inauguration.

It’s unclear how many protesters we’ll see at Donald Trump's inauguration. Some estimates say as many as 200,000 will attend the Women’s March on Saturday, and it’s just one of several planned protest events. Others are choosing not to attend the inauguration as a form of silent protest. More than 40 theatre companies, including three in Atlanta, are hosting readings of a play by Atlanta-native Lauren Gunderson. Her work is called “The Taming.” Gunderson explained why theater is a powerful way to protest.

In Atlanta, “The Taming” is being performed Friday, Jan. 20 at 7pm at the 7 Stages Theatre. Showtime is 7:00. It’s free, but donations from the event will go to the American Civil Liberties Union and The Peach Coven, a group that donates women’s products to Atlanta's homeless population.