Governor Deal took action on a number of pieces of legislation--not just

Governor Deal took action on a number of pieces of legislation--not just "campus carry"--on Tuesday. / Flickr

Tuesday was the final day for Gov. Nathan Deal to either sign or veto legislation, and while his decision to veto the "campus carry" bill drew considerable attention, the governor also took action on a number of other pieces of legislation.

Though Deal said no to concealed handguns on Georgia’s public college and university campuses, he said yes to Tasers. The governor signed a law allowing anyone over 18 years of age to carry electroshock weapons on the campuses of state schools.

He also signed a lengthy list of other bills, like a bill that will add two more justices to the state Supreme Court and one that puts the brakes on taking private land for pipeline construction through June 2017.

Deal also signed measures that will give extra weight to STEM courses when determining whether students qualify for the HOPE Scholarship and will reform the state’s grand jury proceedings for law enforcement officers involved in deadly force incidents.

But Deal also shot bills down: 17 in total. He vetoed measures that would have regulated drones in the state and that would have exempted some neighborhood pools from state health inspections.

The governor also vetoed a bill that would have cleaned up portions of the “guns everywhere” law passed in 2014, expressing concern about the bill’s language surrounding the carrying of long guns into places of worship.

Any bills that Deal didn’t sign Tuesday, the final day of the 40-day window for him to act on legislation, became law automatically.