Members of Outcry in front of the state Capitol.

Members of Outcry in front of the state Capitol. / GPB

A coalition of religious leaders is protesting against campus carry legislation in Georgia. The anti-gun violence group Outcry held a rally on the steps of Atlanta’s Central Presbyterian Church on Monday.

Religious Leaders Urge Gov. Deal to Veto Campus Carry

House bill 859, which would legalize the possession of guns on all public college campuses, has passed the Georgia Senate and House. The bill still needs a signature from Governor Deal to become law.

Outcry is calling for the governor to veto the bill, saying the legislation will make Georgia a more violent place. Four religious leaders took the stand to speak out against the measure.

One was Pastor Jane Fahey, who said the use of guns goes against the teachings of Christ.

“We hear the story of a savior who refused to defend himself with weapons against those who came to do him harm," said Fahey. "Weapons and violence were not the answer then, and they are not the answer now.”

Governor Deal has already expressed concerns about the bill, saying it might put K–12 students taking college classes in serious danger. He has not said whether or not he plans to sign the bill, but is working to see significant changes to the legislation before signing it.