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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 5:57pm

Savannah Election Debrief: Tom Barton Talks City Alderman Races

After a whirlwind campaign season, Elections are over in Savannah... for now.
Most incumbents managed to hold on to their positions despite all the seats being contested. The mayor’s race is headed for a runoff on December 1st along with Alderman at large post 2 and city council district 2.

Gabrielle Ware:It seemed like there was a public outcry almost to get new people in city government decisions but for the most part, the incumbents stayed in place. There was an ousting and we'll talk about that but what does that say really?

Tom Barton: Well I would say the incumbents that won yesterday, they didn't really win they survived. They all had challengers who had spirited campaigns and I think the incumbents worked harder this year than they have in past elections to win their seats.


Gabrielle Ware:That race (5th district) was very close. They were neck and neck the whole your opinion do you think crime was the main contributing factor or do you think there were other factors that made voters really split down the middle?

Tom Barton: I think crime was a big factor but I also think poverty. The fact that that district has a disproportionate share of bad schools and blight. That played into Shandra McKeithen's hands. But as it turns out you have to get your people to the polls and Estella Shabazz did a better job than her challenger in that regard.

Gabrielle Ware:Now district four. Julian Miller really seemed to blow away his competition and he was going against a very long time councilwoman Mary Ellen Sprague. Let's just talk a little bit about how overwhelming that win was.