Clergy who disagree with same sex marriage wouldn't have to perform them, under a bill floated by state House Speaker David Ralston.

Ralston proposed the so-called "Pastor Protection Act" at a Republican retreat on Jekyll Island this weekend.

A spokesman for Ralston tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the bill would be narrowly crafted to ensure that clergy member would never be required by the government to perform a wedding that doesn't match their religious beliefs.

GOP lawmakers in other states are considering similar legislation, in reaction to the Supreme Court's decision legalizing gay marriage nationwide.

Texas' governor signed a Pastor Protection Act last month.

Meanwhile, at least two Georgia probate judges have stopped performing all marriages because of their opposition to same-sex marriage.

The magistrate in Dodge County tells WMAZ-TV that he's no longer performing wedding ceremonies for any couple...regardless of their sexual orientation.

The probate judge in Johnson County has taken the same stance.

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