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Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 9:00am

Wrapping Up Georgia's Primary Runoff

After nine weeks of intense, often personal campaigning, Georgia's primary runoff election is now over.

In the biggest race, businessman David Perdue defeated 1st District congressman Jack Kingston for the republican nomination for U.S. Senate. While Kingston did well in southern and coastal counties, Perdue prevailed in the Atlanta suburbs and North Georgia.

In conceding defeat Tuesday night, Kingston pledged his full support to Perdue. GPB's Bill Nigut says other prominent GOP politicians will now do the same.

“National Republicans will now come in in force to raise money for him,” Nigut told GPB's Bradley George on GPB's Morning Edition. “You can be sure the national Republican party, as will super PACs, to make sure Purdue is well funded in the general election.”

Democratic Senate nominee Michelle Nunn is already well funded, sitting on a warchest of about $3 million. After weeks of focus on the GOP, Nigut says the spotlight is now on her.

“She's going to have to start positioning herself, telling people where she stands on the issues,” Nigut says. “Most importantly, is she or is she not a Barack Obama-style Democrat? That's what Republicans are going to throw at her everyday. And she's going to have to figure out where she stands on that.”

Nigut says Nunn will try hard to not align herself with national Democrats, while energizing Georgia's Democratic base. Many see Nunn, and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter, as the party's best shot in years at winning statewide office.