The 3,000 Georgia drivers with electrical vehicles can charge their cars at the state Capitol. The main parking garage now has two recharging stations. They can charge four cars.

Speaking at the unveiling Wednesday, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle bragged about his electric Nissan Leaf.

“I’m more of pickup truck kind of a guy,” he told officials and reporters. “But I’ve really enjoyed having it. It makes a lot of economic sense and as a state, we’ve made really great strides in focusing on sustainability.”

In addition to sustainability, Cagle said electric cars are part of a healthier lifestyle overall.

In the first half of the year, Georgia was the only state to double the number of electric vehicles on the road, according to the governor’s office.

Officials with ChargePoint, which manufactures the charging stations, say there are 130,000 electric vehicles in the U.S. ChargePoint has now installed 60 charging stations around Georgia. A year ago, the company had no charging stations here.

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