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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 2:17pm

Critics Question Immigration Law

Governor Deal on Wednesday signed a bill that’s intended to fix some unintended consequences of the state’s 2011 crackdown on illegal immigration. The measure also prohibits people here illegally from using their passports for identification.

The Governor’s office says the legislation restores efficiency to some government services. The measure changes the licensing process so applicants must prove their citizenship once, instead of every time they renew.

But Azadeh Shahshahani with the Georgia ACLU says it may also cause problems for people who want to get marriage certificates if they can’t use their passports as identification.

She says “People should have the right to marry, regardless of their status. Same with enrolling children at school. Every child, regardless of their status, is entitled to a K through 12 education.”

Shahshahani says the ACLU is looking into whether to file a constitutional challenge to the law.

Sponsors of the bill say there is no constitutional conflict.