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Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 11:57am

Outgoing UGA President Talks Tuition Hike

Outgoing University of Georgia President Michael Adams made his final remarks to the media at a briefing Thursday.

During his talk, Adams addressed the decision to raise tuition for students. The Board of Regents approved tuition increases for 31 University System schools earlier this week.

“We regret when the cost increases become necessary, but if you look at the whole scheme of things, we’re still below the national average on tuition,” said Adams.

Students will now pay an additional $191 per semester to attend UGA. Adams added that the HOPE scholarship program also helps many Georgia families.

“We’re very fortunate about the number of our students who qualify for HOPE. So while it’s a greater burden than it used to be, do I still think it’s a value of a supreme level? Yes, I do.”

Adams will retire after serving as University President for 16 years. Jere Morehead will take over that office on July 1, 2013.