U.S. factory production rose in December for the second straight month according to the Federal Reserve. Georgia’s manufacturing is also seeing a rise.

Manufacturing employment figures have risen 3 and a half percent in Georgia year over year. The state has added more than 12-thousand factory jobs.

Roy Bowen, President of the Georgia Manufacturing Association, says things are looking up for the state.

“We’re seeing some recovery in the housing industry and that will have ripple effects throughout a large part of Georgia’s manufacturing base. And of course there is strength in autos. And Georgia is increasingly becoming a center for automobile production.”he says.

The Federal Reserve says production of autos and parts grew 2-point-6 percent in December.

Bowen says the carpet sector in northwest Georgia has also announced significant capital investments.

" And a lot of that is tied to the tax reform legislation that beginning January of this year phases out the sales tax on energy used in manufacturing, making Georgia operations much more competitive.”he says.

And Caterpillar is now looking to fill jobs in its new plant being constructed in northeast Georgia. That company intends to fill about 30 positions in coming weeks.

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