State investigators are looking into a mysterious white residue being found along Southeast Georgia's Ogeechee River.

Some frustrated residents believe it's another sign of pollution coming from a Screven County textile mill.

Residents found residue on river banks last year.

But tests showed it to be harmless.

Residue found in recent days though looks different, more powdery.

Tommy Pope lives on the river and says, he believes it's from the King America Finishing plant, below whose discharge about 40,000 fish died last year.

"They're not finding any above the pipe," Pope says, "I know it's pollution."

Environmental Protection Division staffers tested the residue and are waiting on results.

Pope doesn't believe the state EPD will get to the bottom of what's causing the crystalline substance to appear.

"To me, they're a wasted organization," Pope says, "If they're not going to protect the environment or protect the people, I don't see why they don't just disband and turn it over to the EPA."

Pope says, the mysterious residue is only being found downstream from a Screven County textile mill.

EPD has allowed the mill to discharge waste despite pollution permit violations.

Spokesman for King America Finishing and EPD couldn't be reached.

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