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Monday, October 1, 2012 - 10:00am

Developer Plans Major Resort On I-95

A Minneapolis company says it plans to build a $100 million entertainment resort along Interstate-95 in Southeast Georgia.

Real Development Corporation is in the process of securing funding and permits for a project that could employ 800 people in Camden County near the Florida border.

California based project consultant Thor Begelmann says, the city of Kingsland is a perfect spot for the proposed resort including an adventure park, water park, theater, hotels and more.

"It is within about 20 minutes of an international airport, Jacksonville International," he says. "The resident market within an hour so of travel time is about 1.5 million people."

Begelmann says, while the developer is still securing funds, assessing feasibility and applying for permits, he's confident the project can go forward.

Developers over the past decade have promised several large scale, job creating developments in Camden and nearby Glynn counties.

But they failed to materialize.

The Interstate-95 corridor from Savannah to Jacksonville has seen several developers over the past decade propose everything from adventure parks and casinos to large residential communities -- only to see them fall through because of financing.

Begelmann says he consulted with developer Michael Elzufon about the project in Camden County.

"Michael right now is in the process of finalizing his funding," Begelmann says. "Of course, we still need to complete our work determining the economic feasibility of all the components that are envisioned."

Kingsland City Hall has seen plans for the proposed resort but details are still hard to come by.

Begelmann says he expects plans to gel in October.