A new company called Georgia Solar Utilities filed a proposal Thursday to build a $320 million dollar solar power plant in Milledgeville.

The new utility also hopes to build smaller solar plants across the state and generate up to 5 percent of the state’s power directly from the sun.

Georgia Power declined to partner with the company last May.

After that, President Robert Green and his colleagues moved forward as an independent solar utility.

But a 1973 law gives Georgia Power exclusive rights to continue serving their existing customers. Robert Green is asking the P-S-C to change that.

“The law would have to tweaked a bit the Service Commission does this all the time the Public Service Commission is required their mission is to move in the best interest of ratepayers. And I think that creating a solar capacity in our grid is in the best interest of ratepayers,” said Green.

Public Service Commissioner Bubba MacDonald says the plan warrants a serious review.

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