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Wednesday, August 8, 2012 - 12:05pm

McLeod Asks for Recount

Congressional candidate Wright McLeod has asked for a recount in his bid to stay in the race for Georgia's 12th District.

McLeod placed third in a four way Republican primary, 548 votes shy of making the run-off.

The GOP nominee will face Democrat John Barrow in one of the country's most watched House contests.

McLeod says, the results were disappointing and since the margin was close enough to ask for a recount, he has.

"I understand that the likelihood that the recount is going to change the result is slim," McLeod says. "But the process in today's electronic age is not cumbersome, lengthy or difficult."

The retired Naval officer says, he owes it to his supporters to ask for another tally of last week's results.

"When you run a campaign for the eight or nine months that we've been running and all of a sudden it culminates on election night and the election doesn't go the way you had hoped or the way you had thought, it's a tremendous disappointment," McLeod says.

Barring a surprise recount, Grovetown State Representative Lee Anderson and Augusta businessman Rick Allen will face each other in an August 21st run-off.