The City of Macon is knocking a few more homes off its demolition list. This latest round brings the total number of razed homes to more than 400.

Macon Mayor Robert Reichert took a few swings at a vacant home in a blighted neighborhood. His goal is to clear out 100 condemned properties a year.

City officials are hoping to combine the demolitions with their 5X5X5 program where they focus on 5 blocks, and 5 neighborhoods, for 5 weeks. Macon City Councilman Frank Tompkins attended the demolition. He says he hopes people will eventually return to these neighborhoods.

“Revitalization means not having just vacant lots that can be used for green space, but having people there that will make it vibrant when they become contributors to helping to maintain the entire area and become owners.”

Once the demolitions are complete a lien is placed on the property until its owners pay the city back for the work.

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