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Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 7:27am

Riverkeeper Files New Lawsuit

The Ogeechee Riverkeeper is filing a new lawsuit in the ongoing case stemming from last year's massive fish kill.

The group said Tuesday that it's suing King America Finishing, the Screven County textile mill that illegally dumped waste into the river.

The lawsuit alleges that company continues illegally to discharge pollution to the Ogeechee River.

"King America had over a year to address serious pollution violations following the state’s largest fish kill," said Dianna Wedincamp, Ogeechee Riverkeeper, "but they didn't. The government had years to stop the pollution, and they didn't."

The lawsuit alleges that the company knowingly violated the clean water laws for over six years and that this illegal discharge caused the largest fish kill in Georgia history.

The Riverkeeper's case seeks to have a court fine King America for its pollution of the river and to issue an order stopping the illegal discharge.

The new lawsuit was filed coincidentally on the same day, Monday, that the Riverkeeper won a ruling in a separately moving legal fight involving the fish kill.

A spokesman for King America Finishing was not immediately available for comment.