A test of eleven wells in Monroe County shows no cases of widespread contamination near a coal-fired power plant.
But people who live south of Plant Scherer want their water checked as well.

The University of Georgia student study looked at residential water supplies closest to the facility’s coal ash pond. The pond holds waste left over from producing electricity. Just two of the nearby wells tested had any elevated levels of heavy metal.

But ground water flows south of the plant to where Donna Welch lives. She says the state tested uranium in her well 21 times the healthy limit.

“The biochemist that did the testing said; you are not to consume this water in any manner. So, we cannot use it for any consumption purposes, can’t cook with it, wash vegetable with it, anything like that.”

Students at UGA are hoping to continue testing in the area if they can get funding. Georgia Power says their coal ash pond is safe.

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