If you love movies, baseball, Harrison Ford, or the 1940’s, you may want to head to Macon in June. Producers are looking for hundreds of extras for the film “42”, which is a movie about Jackie Robinson.

Casting company Southern Hollywood Events has set up a website www.beinthemovie42.com to sign up extras. They are looking for 500 people on June 12 and 500 people on June 13. Those interested will need to dress in 1940’s styles and show up at Macon’s Luther Williams Field. Jackie Robinson once played on that field.

Harrison Ford will play Dodgers President Branch Rickey, who hired Robinson. Chadwick Boseman will play Robinson. Boseman performed in the movies “The Walking Dead” and “Night At The Museum”.

Extras will be on set for 8 to 12 hours a day. As incentives, the casting company will provide free food, participate in a 1940’s costume contest and compete for a chance to have a walk-on role. There will also be raffle’s for free trips and iPads.

There are tips on the website on how to dress, and how to wear your hair. The movie is also filming in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama.

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