The HomeSafe Georgia program aims to give relief to unemployed and underemployed homeowners at risk of foreclosure. But many applicants say they aren’t getting the counseling they need.

Phoebe Buckley McNair turned to HomeSafe when her mother, who was helping pay the mortgage, passed away, and Buckley McNair temporarily lost her job.

The program allowed her to make partial mortgage payments, building from 180 dollars a month to 350 dollars a month for 18 months.

But six months in, they told her she no longer qualified because she got a job. She now has to pay over 900 dollars a month.

“I am doing things to try to increase my income to align myself to be ready to resume that responsibility at the end of the 18 months, and now the rug is just snatched completely from under my feet.”

Buckley McNair says the program needs to have counselors who work with clients to make sure they understand how the benefits will work.

Most of the client communications for HomeSafe occur through email. State officials say starting May first they will allow applicants to make an appointment to come in and discuss the process face to face.

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