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Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 1:39pm

Activists Protest Gun Bill

Students, teachers and some lawmakers are campaigning against what they consider dangerous gun legislation. Activists worry weaker gun restrictions will compromise public safety.

One bill would lower the legal age of gun ownership in Georgia from 21 to 18 while also weakening restrictions on where a gun can be legally concealed.

John Koch, President of the College Democrats of Georgia, says the stress of college life could create dangerous situations if guns are allowed, and campuses aren’t equipped to handle weapons:

“Imagine university freshmen, emotionally unstable in the transition to college with easier access to weapons. Further, where would a responsible permit holder keep his weapon? Freshman dorms don’t have gun safes, college buildings don’t have places to safely keep your weapons. The lack of safety measures all but guarantees accidents will happen.”

Supporters have advocated for guns to be allowed on campuses following recent attacks on women on or near Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Atlanta University Center.