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Friday, December 23, 2011 - 1:45pm

LNG Critics Raise New Concern

Opponents of a plan to truck liquefied natural gas through Savannah say,an energy company is misleading federal regulators.

The charge is the latest in a year-long effort to stop LNG trucks from passing through the city.

The El Paso Corporation's Elba Island terminal outside of Savannah imports liquefied natural gas from overseas.

The company claims it wants to truck the fuel through the city in order to serve new markets in this country.

But in a potentially contradictory move, El Paso has filed a new request to move a compressor that could put it into a position to export the fuel.

Kent Harrington of the anti-LNG group Citizens for a Safe Secure Savannah says, he doesn't think the company is telling regulators everything.

"If you don't play the regulatory game with all your cards up, you are liable for legal sanction," Harrington says. "The information that's now in the public arena would lead a reasonable person to say, 'There's another game going on here.'"

Harrington says, exports would increase the number of LNG trucks rumbling through the city.

A company spokesman says, El Paso has no intent to export LNG and the new regulatory request is strictly for domestic purposes only.

Both sides are expecting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to make a ruling on the request within weeks or months.