A new company is promising voters in medium-sized Georgia cities more access to political information.

Atlanta-based National Research Associates recently released its first poll in the coastal city's mayoral race.

Political surveys aren't unheard of in Savannah.

The last one in a mayor's race was eight years ago and the Chamber of Commerce has polled on local taxes.

But it's rare for an outside firm, unaffiliated with any campaign, to poll here.

Company founder Tim Alborg says, he plans to follow the Savannah survey with polls in other cities.

"We want people in Washington and other places, the people who will be investing national money in the 2012 Presidential race, to understand that there's more in Georgia than just Metro Atlanta and to make sure that those people have access to data to help them drive their decisions," Alborg says. "Our firm sprung from the realization that there was a vacuum in many of the local and state races here in Georgia. I think my biggest hope is that voters, because of some of the polling we do, become more engaged and participate more in the electoral process."

Alborg says, political surveys are moving into smaller cities partly because technological changes make it more affordable.

The poll found, unsurprisingly, Savannah's six-person mayoral race is likely headed for a run-off.

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