A middle Georgia site is now on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund list.

The listing makes cleaning up the Armstrong World Industries site in Macon site a priority to protect people’s health and the environment.

The ceiling tile manufacturer's wastewater treatment landfill sits next to a tributary of the Ocmulgee River.

The waterway is contaminated with high levels of PCB’s, pesticides and heavy metals.

To date, 1,652 sites nationwide have been listed on the EPA's National Priorities List for clean-up.

The EPA’s Sherryl Carbonaro says they’re testing to determine how extensive that clean-up would be.

“They are focusing on this landfill to make sure that the PCBs are there, that they are in place and that they are not moving any further than where they are right now.”

The state asked the EPA for help after cancer-causing PCBs appeared in Ocmulgee River catfish.

Contributors: Josephine Bennett

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