People in Macon who are looking for work will have another option a little closer to home. The so-called Mobile Lab from the Macon Office of Workforce Development will begin rolling into neighborhoods Friday.

The Recreational Vehicle will park in two key locations every week. The program is reaching out to people who want to go back to school and learn new skills. The money comes from federal dislocated worker funds.

Betty Toussaint with Macon’s Office of Workforce Development says they’re hoping to connect with people who can’t get to the Department of Labor or might not know about the program.

“They may have worked for a factory. Or they may have been laid off from any number of companies and we try to encourage people to retrain in fields that is in high demand in the local area.”

People who visit the mobile lab will also help with resume writing and career counseling. The Macon area still struggles with an umemployment rate over 10-percent.

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