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Friday, May 13, 2011 - 10:35am

New CNG Network Proposed for Atlanta

Atlanta Gas Light has asked the Public Service Commission to allow AGL to build compressed natural gas stations around metro Atlanta.

Local governments with fleets of vehicles and buses that use natural gas can use the stations to fill up, just as people use regular service stations.

Currently there are only two natural gas stations in the state, though four more are planned for this year.

Under the plan, Atlanta Gas Light will invest $10 million to create a CNG network around the city and along the interstates.

Last year, Public Service Commissioner Doug Everett challenged Atlanta Gas Light to make a proposal to build CNG stations.

Everett, who used to be in the propane gas business, says there are great benefits to using CNG:

“The engines that are presently in automobiles will burn compressed natural gas so you wouldn’t have to change engines. So it’s cheaper to operate the vehicle, also because right now you can buy compressed natural gas for under two dollars a gallon, whereas you know it’s twice that on regular fossil fuels.”

The stations would initially not be for the public at large.

Expanding the number of natural gas stations could prompt other communities in Georgia could start converting government vehicles to natural gas.