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Monday, February 14, 2011 - 9:17am

Bills Would Change PSC

Some lawmakers want to make the elected body that regulates utilities in the state more accountable to the public. The Public Service Commission recently approved one of the biggest energy rate hikes in Georgia history.

A couple of bills would change the make-up of the PSC and how the members are elected.

Both measures come from the state house. A house resolution would add two more seats to the five member commission and have the commissioners elected by districts.

Right now, each one comes from one of five districts in Georgia, but is elected by the entire state.

The resolution’s sponsor Democrat Craig Gordon of Savannah says the change would hold the commissioners locally accountable to the people.

But Republican Commissioner Doug Everett says the change doesn’t make sense.

"... Because utilities cross district lines. They don’t just stay in that one district so it wouldn’t be a good idea."

A separate house bill would also have the commissioners elected by their districts.