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Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 3:22pm

Bill Proposes Separate Public Health Agency

Some lawmakers want to change the Public Health bureaucracy in Georgia. Lawmakers say The Department of Community Health has a different mission than it's division of Public Health.

Two years ago the Public Health Department was merged into the Department of Community Health. Community health is the agency responsible for Medicaid and Peach Care in Georgia.

Now lawmakers introduced a bill asking that Public Health, which includes county health departments, should be it's own agency again. Governor Nathan deal says he's fine with the idea.

"It is a functioning type agency and the services are very different and it does make sense to have it as a separate free standing agency."

Public Health also handles things like inspecting septic tanks and restaurants and responds to infectious diseases and major disasters. Lawmakers say a separate agency would be more effective and there would be no change in the state budget.