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Monday, August 2, 2010 - 10:33am

High Enrollment Means Crowded Dorms

Growth at one South Georgia university is going to make for some cramped quarters when school starts later this month.

Albany State University is welcoming the largest freshman class in its history. Incoming freshmen are required to live on-campus and that’s creating problems in the dorms.

Rooms that normally hold 2 students will now hold three. Sandra Yates with Albany State says the dorms are still very comfortable.

“They easily accommodate 1 bunk bed, I single bed, and then three working spaces for the students that reside there.”

Yates says the Board of Regents asked state colleges and universities in Georgia to accommodate as many qualified students as possible.

The crowded quarters will only be a problem this year. Construction gets underway on two new dorms later this month. They will be ready in time for next year’s freshman class.