Some local school boards are considering appeals to a judge’s ruling that upholds the Georgia Charter School Commission.  Seven districts sued the state for withholding state money from them and giving it to charter schools.

A superior court judge ruled in favor of the state last week, saying the charter school commission was legal.  The new commission has the power to approve charter schools after they’ve been denied by local school boards. They also get their share of state money.

One of the school boards which filed suit is Bulloch County.  It’s Superintendent Lewis Holloway says the legal battle isn’t over.

“When our attorneys met with opposing council to set the strategies of how this would be handled, everyone believed it would go to the supreme court whichever side won or lost," says Holloway.

He says Bulloch County Schools are losing $400,000 a year to a charter school the commission approved.

After the judge’s ruling Friday,  attorneys for the other districts said they’d likely appeal the ruling.

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