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Friday, February 5, 2010 - 4:51am

Quail Hunt Means Investment, Jobs

Locking-in new business for Georgia is the primary aim of an annual outdoor event concluding today in the southwest corner of the state.

The Georgia Quail Hunt is into its third decade, sponsored by state and local economic development officials. Over the course of three days of dinners and hunting, officials mingle with invited national – and sometimes international -- business executives.

It’s all about getting more jobs and investment into Georgia.

Ted Clem is president of the Albany-Dougherty County Economic Development Commission. He says it’s this event that often closes the deal.

"These have been companies that we’ve been dealing with as a state for the last several months or perhaps a year where they’ve been investigating their opportunities and looking at the state of GA. So in most cases the relationship already exists."

Clem says out of last year’s Quail Hunt, a national textile manufacturer agreed to re-locate its distribution hub in Albany.

State officials say since the mid 1990's, they can attribute $2.5 billion and more than 8,000 jobs to discussions and deals closed at the Quail Hunt.