A bill that prohibits microchips from being involuntarily implanted in humans overwhelmingly passed the State Senate today.

The bill would outlaw placing  sensors, transmitters or other micro devices under a persons skin without their consent.

It is sponsored by Republican State Senator Chip Pearson.

"This is simply to try to get ahead and protect under our state constitution our rights as people first," Pearson said. "We implant cattle and dogs, and that's fine. I just don't think implanting someone against their will is something that should be allowed."

Pearson said he is not aware of any microchips being involuntary implanted in people right now, so Democratic Senator Ronald Ramsey questioned the need for the bill.

"This body is being asked to pass a law on a subject that has no real or received threat at this time," said Ramsey.

In the end, the bill passed the Senate 47-2 and now goes to the house.

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