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Thursday, January 28, 2010 - 12:09pm

Georgia Republicans Introduce JOBS Act

Georgia Republicans say they have a plan to create jobs through tax cuts and investment incentives.

Next week republicans want to introduce a package of bills they say will spur job growth. It would include tax credits for companies the hire the currently unemployed, and cuts the capitol gains tax in half if the state can afford it. Senator Majority Leader Chip Rogers says there's also a 50 percent tax credit to anyone who invest in a small business in Georiga.

"If you are a business and you want to create jobs and operate in a state that rewards you for doing so, Georgia is the place to be. I you are an investor and you want to see a great return on your investment, Georgia is the place to be," Rogers said at a press conference today.

Last year Governor Perdue vetoed a similar bill, saying the state could not afford it.