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Friday, November 20, 2009 - 11:36am

Newspaper Calls For Richardson's Resignation

The editorial page of the Brunswick News today called on House Speaker Glenn Richardson to resign.

In doing so, the paper becomes one of the first dailies, if not the first, to call on the powerful Republican to step down from office following a suicide attempt.

The editors write, "Given the trauma in Rep. Richardson's life, given his attempt at suicide just weeks ago and given the tremendous revenue problems pressing down hard on the state and its taxpayers in all 159 counties today, it would be best for all concerned for Richardson to resign as Speaker of the House... And the sooner, the better. It's difficult enough to deal with inner turmoil without the added load of having to deal with a grizzly bear of a budget mess because of a sick economy."

Richardson revealed that he attempted suicide in a statement from the House communications office earlier this month.

The Hiram Republican says he’s struggled with depression for the past two and a half years since his separation and divorce, and he’s being treated by a physician with prescription medication.

Richardson says he felt compelled to speak out in order to “possibly help others.”

The Republican leadership in the house rallied behind him immediately after the statement was issued.

The newspaper's full editorial can be found at the following website. The Brunswick News usually allows free access only for a limited period of time.


Mellissa Steirs