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Friday, November 6, 2009 - 1:52pm

Ga. Business Leaders Slam Cap-and-Trade Bill

Some state business leaders warned lawmakers at a meeting Friday that Georgia could lose jobs if Congress passes proposed energy legislation.

The event, hosted by Republican Governor Sonny Perdue, was billed as the "Governor's Business Summit." There, state lawmakers listened to presentations by energy business leaders, who are fearful of more government regulation.

Perdue says the cap-and-trade energy bill would not be good for Georgia, where Southern Company is planning to expand nuclear Plant Vogtle near Augusta.

"You don't get credit for nuclear, and nuclear is one of the sources of virtually carbon-free emission..."

Chris Hobson with Southern Company says Georgia will lose out under the proposed bill because it hasn't built-up alternative energy sources...

"We only want to count those things that we really don't have the ability to implement, like solar and wind and those kinds of things. And so the Southeast and Georgia will see, really, a cost penalty associated with any kind of renewable legislation."

Environmentalists, however, say the biggest roadblock for solar and wind in Georgia is political willpower.