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Thursday, November 5, 2009 - 10:12am

Camden Jail Overcrowding Decision Delayed

Commissioners in Southeast Georgia's Camden County have delayed a decision on how to resolve overcrowding problems at the county jail.

Camden Sheriff Tommy Gregory says, the county's 120 bed jail is holding about twice the number of inmates it was designed to hold.

He says, the county is risking a lawsuit every day the problem goes unresolved.

Commissioners met to discuss the situation on Tuesday, but decided to delay a decision on their options until after they get a recommendation from the federally-administered National Institute of Corrections.

That won't be until January.

Commissioner Steve Berry says, he blames state court judges for a backlog of cases that keeps many inmates in jail longer than they have to be.

Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams says, the courts are doing all they can to reduce the inmate population.


This story was rewritten for radio from the Associated Press.