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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 - 2:05pm

Company Holds Career Fair for Proposed Coal Plant

There are no jobs at Plant Washington because there is no Plant Washington.

But the group seeking approval to build the coal plant hosted a career fair in Dublin today.

Power4Georgians says it would eventually need about 1500 workers if and when construction on the plant begins. The head of the group, Dean Alford, says the fair at the Heart of Georgia Technical College was designed to encourage jobseekers to get training in various skills needed for construction, such as pipefitting.

"The career fair lets people know what training they will need, and what skills they will need to qualify for upcoming construction jobs and the ongoing operation jobs," says Alford.

Opponents of the plant, however, accuse the group of preying on sincere job seekers in an effort to generate local support for Plant Washington and free advertising.

The career fair comes as the state environmental protection division completes a review of a draft permit to build the plant.