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Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - 11:02am

Georgia Officials Fight Cap and Trade Bill

Elected officials who regulate utilities in Georgia headed to Washington DC today to fight cap and trade climate change legislation.

Armed with numbers of how much the American Clean Energy and Security Act would raise electricity costs in Georgia, members of the Public Service Commission are trying to change the minds of Georgia lawmakers who voted for the bill last month.

Republican Doug Everett is chairman of the Public Service Commission.

"On electricity alone, it will be raising their bill $1-15 per month, and within ten years after enactment, it will be going up over 60 per month."

The figures were compiled by Southern Company-- owner of the state’s primary energy provider, Georgia Power. The company is heavily vested in coal which would make it costly for them to meet federal limits on carbon dioxide in the current legislation.

Five Georgia democrats voted yes to the bill. Everett hopes to convince them to vote against it once it returns to the House.