What is the role of journalism in society? With so much information coming at us all the time, how should we know what to believe? What are the responsibilities of the public to protect free speech and local news and to be informed, for the good of our democracy? Join GPB and Georgia Humanities for this livestream event on Tuesday, October 6 at 7pm where GPB’s own Leah Fleming, Donna Lowry and Virginia Prescott will speak candidly with an expert lineup of guests to answer these questions and more.  No matter where you get your news, the goal of this conversation is to help you recognize how to get the best information available and make informed decisions.

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We thank The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for their generous support of this initiative and the Pulitzer Prizes for their partnership.

Democracy and the Informed Citizen

This event took place on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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