The Physical Features of Georgia virtual field trip guides students through twelve of the state’s physical features: the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brasstown Bald, the monadnocks (Arabia, Panola, and Stone Mountains), Red Top Mountain, the Fall Line, Providence Canyon, Okefenokee Swamp, the Savannah and Chattahoochee Rivers, and the barrier islands.

VR/360° Videos

Okefenokee: Owl's Roost Tower


Okefenokee Swamp Park Tour


Okefenokee: Impact of Wild Fires


Okefenokee: Outside Pioneer Island Homestead


Okefenokee: Inside Pioneer Island Homestead


Providence Canyon: Overlook


Providence Canyon: Canyon Floor


Providence Canyon: Bird’s Eye View of Providence Canyon

Video Collection

Online Exhibit

  • Learning Objectives

    • Explore the 12 physical features of Georgia through video footage, photo galleries, and interactive maps.
    • Analyze the importance of water in Georgia’s historical development and economic growth.
    • Assess how the four transportation systems (road, air, water, and rail) of Georgia contribute to the development and growth of the state’s economy.
    • Engage in critical thinking with discussion questions that probe enduring understandings in social studies.
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