Arthur's World Neighborhood - Cultural Connections

Source: PBS Learning Media

Providing daily exposure to various cultures will enrich your children's experiences. Enable them to appreciate and share their own heritage, in this activity from Arthur.

Skill: The child will demonstrate an understanding of his/her community and an emerging awareness of other's culture and ethnicity.

Georgia Standard: CD-SS2


All Around Town | Everyday Learning

Source: PBS Learning Media

This animation features a child and her father using a simple map to plan their activities for the day. The video introduces children to concepts related to mapping, location, and time.

Skill: The child will demonstrate an awareness of geography in his/her community.

Georgia Standard: CD-SS3


Job Song | Sesame Street

Source: PBS Learning Media

A melody about different types of jobs, like farmer and teacher. This resource introduces the concept of work and some of the jobs people can do to earn money.

Skill: The child will demonstrate an awareness of economics of his/her community.

Georgia Standard: CD-SS4


Past, Present, and Future | Activity Starter

Source: PBS Learning Media

Learn about the difference between past, present, and future in this video. Then try the hands-on activity in the classroom or at home.

Skill: The child will understand the passage of time and how events are related.

Georgia Standard: CD-SS5