Classroom Conversations is a podcast for teachers to share and learn. Presented by the Georgia Department of Education and Georgia Public Broadcasting, each episode features Georgia educators who are teaching and reaching students in innovative and impactful ways. Use these discussion guides to facilitate reflection and dialogue during professional learning time around specific episodes of the podcast. 

Episode 422: Literacy Leadership: Instructional Materials

Episode 421: Literacy Leadership: Interventions in Grades 4th-12th

Episode 420: Literacy Leadership: Community Engagement

Episode 419: Leadership Series: School Safety

Episode 418: Family Engagement: Essential for Student Success

Episode 417: Gamifying the Classroom: Level Up!

Episode 416: Leadership Series: Literacy Leadership: Georgia Council on Literacy

Episode 415: Operation Graduation: Planning for the Future

Episode 414: Literacy Leadership: Screeners and Interventions

Episode 413: Building A School Community: Feeling Connected to A Home Away From Home

Episode 412: Starting Middle and High School: Encouraging Students to Blaze Their Own Paths

Episode 411: Leadership Series: Building Leadership Capacity and Improving Staff Retention

Episode 410: Money Talks: Economics and Personal Finance in K-12 Classrooms

Episode 409: Service Learning: Take Action, Learn, and Reflect

Episode 408: Culinary Arts: Feed Them For A Lifetime

Episode 407: Leadership Series: Coaching Teachers To Create Positive Classroom Climates

Episode 406: Ask The Kids: Engaging Students With Phenomena-Based Mathematics And Science

Episode 405: Leadership Series: Using High-Leverage Practices And Data To Make A Big Impact

Episode 404: Peer Encouragement: Teach The Students To Be The Teachers

Episode 403: Leadership Series: Improving K-8 Literacy Instruction

Episode 402: Reaching English Learners: Creating Relationships And Supportive Communities

Episode 401: Mental Health Matters: Teachers As Hope Givers

Episode 318: Flexibility In Problem Solving: Making Mathematics Accessible

Episode 317: The Language Of Mathematics: Creating Positive Mathematical Mindsets

Episode 316: STE(A)M+READING: Don't be Afraid to Start

Episode 315: School Nurses: A Vital Part of the Education Team

Episode 314: Adaptive Sports: Leveling the Playing Field

Episode 313: Mathematics Throughout the Building: Empowering Students

Episode 312: Agricultural Advocates: A Global Partnership in South Georgia

Episode 311: Tailoring Instruction: Meeting Students Where They Are

Episode 310: 3D Science: Something Like A Phenomena

Episode 309: Music In Our Schools: Building A Collaborative Community

Episode 308: Checking In: Getting To Know Each Individual Student

Episode 307: Read-Alouds For All Grades: Building Confidence And Growing Vocabulary

Episode 306: Cultivating Creative Thinking: Good For Every Student

Episode 305: Primary Sources In Social Studies: Putting History Into Our Students' Hands

Episode 304: Dramatic Teaching: Finding Your Place In Theatre Classes

Episode 303: Teaching 21st Century Skills: Let The Kids Be The Experts

Episode 302: Educating Hearts: Creating A Culture Of Compliments

Episode 301: 2023 Georgia Teacher Of The Year: Know Your Why

Episode 213: Cultivating Curiosity: Social Studies And Inquiry Based Learning

Episode 212: Assume The Best: Tips From A Veteran-Turned-Teacher

Episode 211: Behavior Specific Praise: The Power Of Pointing Out The Positive

Episode 210: Dual Language Immersion: Maximizing Success

Episode 209: Art SmART: Integrating Art Into The Fabric Of A School

Episode 208: Community Classroom Collaborations: The One With The Dog

Episode 207: PE & Health Integration: Bringing Movement To Learning

Episode 206: Coaching Counts: Collaborating And Instructional Planning In Elementary Mathematics

Episode 205: Tybee Island Teaching: Project-Based Learning In The Coastal Environment

Episode 204: Engaging Science, Taking a School-Wide Approach

Episode 203: Empowering Voice: Collaborating With Students To Foster Positive Classroom Climate

Episode 202: “Good Morning, I’m So Glad You’re Here!”: The Importance Of Greeting Students At The Door

Episode 201: Setting The Stage For Success: Teaching Classroom Expectations

Episode 110: Excellence For English Learners: Exploring ESOL With Georgia’s Teacher Of The Year

Episode 109: Ready, Set, K! Working Together To Promote Kindergarten Readiness

Episode 108: Full STEAM Ahead: Breaking Down Elementary STEAM Certification

Episode 107: Connecting The Present With The Past: Building Relationships That Foster Student Achievement

Episode 106: Love Letter To Writing: Tips And Strategies For Integrating Writing Across The Curriculum

Episode 105: Every Student Succeeds: Positive Climate In The High School Classroom

Episode 104: Positive Climate in Middle School

Episode 103: A Teacher, A Weather Station, Big Impact: Developing Community Partnerships To Support Classroom Initiatives

Episode 102: Bit By Bit: Starting Early With Computer Science

Episode 101: Having A Green, Yellow, Or Red Day? Positive Climate In The Elementary Classroom