GPB Be My Neighbor Day 2023

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood highlights the importance of being a kind and caring neighbor. 

As we’ve learned from Daniel Tiger, everyone is big enough to do something. Whether it’s helping out at home by taking care of a pet or helping clear the table, or beautifying your neighborhood with chalk art or flowers, there are lots of ways that even the youngest friends can learn kindness, responsibility and empathy.

Need some ideas?

Be My Neighbor
Be My Neighbor

Help with chores around the house like picking up toys, sorting laundry, or setting the table.

Be My Neighbor

Make a yummy treat for a neighbor. Try Mom Tiger’s Banana BreadGet The Mad Out Cookies or Mozie-mazing Cookies.

Be My Neighbor

Help make a tasty and nutritious dinner.  Try Grandpere’s Veggie Soup or Bake Easy Mini Pizzas

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