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Fat Shaming Your Dog

Kyia relaxing at home.
It’s funny but both my husband and I are equally guilty of fat shaming our five-year-old, black lab/border collie mix rescue Kyia. The reason it’s funny is she’s ten times more energetic than either of us. Being part border collie, she’s probably a good bit smarter than us as well. And last but not least, who do we think feeds her? (Note the smarter than us part.) So yeah, she might be a pound or two on the plus side but the fat shaming should really be on us! Also, the last time I took her to the vet they said nothing about her being overweight. So maybe she’s fine. 
To help you, and us get a better sense of a dog’s ideal weight status here’s a video that takes a deep dive into just why our pup’s girth is exploding. We check in with a local vet who says the dogs she has seen lately have been fatter than ever before. And we get a show-and-tell with a vet on just how to size up whether your Fido is fat.  But we don't stop there, we invite you into a canine athletic trainers studio where she shows you some moves you and your pup can do to work those bones. 


We also included a nifty chart below to help give you some guidance on just what is too much when it comes to dog pounds. 


Ideal Weight Dog Chart


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