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Welcome to "Unleashed: A Dog's Life"

GPB's first digital series, "Unleashed: A Dog's Life," looks at all things dogs including tips and tricks on grooming, travel, diet and exercise.

I knew that Georgia Public Broadcasting was a haven for dog lovers when I arrived for my first meeting with CEO and President, Teya Ryan.  I was met in the lobby by Teya and Miley, her sweet Havanese, who walked calmly beside us as we toured GPB’s studios. Along the way we encountered Jessi, an extremely excited Labradoodle who was very happy to make my acquaintance and Cinnamon, a Chihuahua with an outsized personality who guarded her “Mom’s” office cube with great gusto. It was definitely a very memorable job interview.

The dogs of GPB are the inspiration behind our first digital series, Unleashed: A Dog’s Life. So many of us here have dogs or love dogs that we figured our viewers would be just as interested as we are in learning about how to care for them, train them, pamper them and maybe even come to understand them. 

Stella, Cinnamon, Miley, and Jessi... just a few of the Dogs of GPB

Our hosts are real people. They are all GPB employees who answered our casting call for the Unleashed show. They still have their day jobs in our production, marketing, engineering and education divisions but we think their love of dogs and sense of fun come shining through on camera.

We’ve created a series that we hope all of our GPB family can learn from and one that will become even better with input from you.  

What questions do you have about your dog? Do you need any special training tips? What’s your favorite dog breed?  

We’d love to hear what you think.  

You can follow us on Facebook @GPBOriginals and Instagram @UnleashedGPB and subscribe to GPBMedia on YouTube to see Unleashed content on whatever platform works for you. 

And keep checking back here at for more stories to entertain and information to keep your dog happy and healthy.




Alison Hashimoto

Alison is the Chief Content Officer at GPB, working across the Radio, Television, Education and Digital divisions. She joined GPB in 2018, after a long career in broadcast and cable news. Alison’s dog Happy is a six-year-old terrier-hound mix... more