A black and white image of white troops pointing rifles at black citizens.

Troops on Detroit’s Linwood Avenue in 1967.

Credit: © Tony Spina/Detroit Free Press via ZUMA Press

Next week, we’ll look inside LBJ's Kerner Commission, explore Ireland with a very special guide, travel the cosmos with NOVA and much more. Take a look at what's coming up!

Antiques Roadshow: Junk in the Trunk 13 - Monday, May 20 at 8 PM

Travel to all five cities of ROADSHOW's Season 28 Tour for never-before-seen appraisals, including a 1976 Mark Hamill-signed Star Wars poster, a 1979 Bob Ross landscape oil and a 1973 Iditarod Race sled!

Independent Lens: The Tuba Thieves - Monday, May 20 at 11 PM

What is the role of sound and what does it mean to listen? Hard-of-hearing filmmaker Alison O’Daniel uses a series of tuba thefts in Los Angeles high schools as a jumping-off point to explore these questions. Through several deaf people telling stories in a unique game of telephone, the central mystery of The Tuba Thieves isn’t about the theft of instruments; it’s about the nature of sound itself.

American Experience: The Riot Report - Tuesday, May 21 at 9 PM

Revisit 1967, when inner cities across America erupted in violence. LBJ appointed the Kerner Commission to investigate and the Commission’s final report would offer a shockingly unvarnished assessment of race relations that still resonates today.

Nature - Wild Ireland: Kingdom of Stone - Wednesday, May 22 at 8 PM

Follow the story of a pine marten as she takes us on a journey through a landscape of grey stone called the Burren, home to some of Ireland’s most enchanting wildlife.

NOVA - Decoding the Universe: Cosmos - Wednesday, May 22 at 9 PM

How big is the universe? What is it made of? Are we alone? Questions like these have inspired amazing discoveries that have transformed our understanding of the universe since the 1970s. Closer to home, quantum physicists have discovered the weird laws that govern the subatomic world. Explore 50 years of mind-bending discoveries in physics and cosmology.