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It’s been 3 years since the NPR Politics Podcast last hosted a taping in Georgia, and this Thursday, October 20, the show is coming back just in time for another election to discuss the latest on the local and national midterm races, the big political news and issues in Georgia.

Along with other cast members, co-hosts Susan Davis (an NPR congressional correspondent) and Tamara Keith (an NPR White House correspondent) will be at the event, which also features GPB political reporter Stephen Fowler as a special guest.

Both co-hosts say that they want to create an environment where people feel comfortable participating in discussions, something that public radio is uniquely positioned to do.

“A lot of people in this country don’t trust the media right now for a lot of reasons, but in my experience in traveling the country people still feel comfortable talking to public radio,” said Davis. “There’s a trust there that people in red states and blue states have that you’re going to be listened to and it’s going to be a thoughtful conversation.”

“There are very weighty things happening right now, weighty debates about serious things, and our audience cares a lot about that,” said Keith.

One of the ways the NPR Politics Podcast has encouraged people to talk about the issues is through the “Can’t Let It Go” segment, which is featured in every live taping.

“It’s a moment in the show where even if we’ve been talking about very serious topics, we can just laugh together and be more personal and talk about something that we really are passionate about,” said Keith. “It doesn’t mean that we aren’t concerned or taking the news seriously. It just means that you have to have a break too.”

Find out how you can attend the show taping this Thursday, October 20 at Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre here.