A man looks though the window of a destroyed building.

Next week, FRONTLINE goes to Ukraine's second-largest city to look at how ordinary people are living through Russian shelling and much more. Take a look at what’s coming up!

A man sits at a table holding a book.

Reel South - Bury Me at Taylor Hollow - Monday, August 1 at 10 PM
After spending 15 years working in the conventional funeral industry, a passionate mortician is paving uncharted territory to help create the first natural burial ground of its kind in Tennessee. Bury Me at Taylor Hollow recounts his personal journey from mortuary traditionalist to global-thinking environmentalist, as he seeks a better place for his community to lay to rest.

A Ukrainian flag.
Credit: FRONTLINE/The Associated Press

FRONTLINE - Ukraine: Life Under Russia's Attack - Tuesday, August 2 at 10 PM
FRONTLINE takes a dramatic and intimate look inside the Russian assault on Kharkiv, told by displaced families trying to survive underground, civilians caught in the fight and first responders risking their lives amid the shelling of Ukraine’s second largest city.