A man with two long braids stands facing a sunset.

Moses Brings Plenty (Oglala Lakota) guides an episode of Growing Native on a journey to Oklahoma’s past and present.

Credit: Vision Maker Media

Next week, we’ll celebrate a revitalization of Native American culture, explore the science of emotion with Your Fantastic Mind and much more. Take a look at what’s coming up!

Growing Native - Monday, November 1 at 7 PM

Through conversations between hosts and local guides, this new four-part series gives viewers a glimpse of modern and traditional reservation life and how Native people pass on their experience and wisdom to others in a positive way.

Your Fantastic Mind: Love and Motherhood - Monday, November 1 at 8 PM

Host Jaye Watson examines the human brain in love, grief and loss and looks at how research is being used to help people with social and emotional disorders. The episode also explores maternal mortality and PTSD among African American mothers.

Antiques Roadshow: Body of Work - Monday, November 1 at 9 PM

Give a big hand to this eye-catching collection of standouts from our body of work including a Willie Sutton prison-escape head and hand, an over-the-shoulder saxhorn, and a Victorian puffy heart charm necklace.

Nature: The Elephant and the Termite - Wednesday, November 3 at 8 PM

Witness the dramas of Africa’s great wildlife meeting place – the waterhole. From mighty elephants to tiny termites, an entire community of creatures call the waterhole their home.

Secrets of the Dead: The First Circle of Stonehenge - Wednesday, November 3 at 10 PM

A decade-long archaeological quest reveals that the oldest stones of Stonehenge originally belonged to a much earlier sacred site -- a stone circle built on a rugged, remote hillside in west Wales.