Drama Reconstruction Stormtroopers in uniforms post Hitler posters on wall.
Credit: Courtesy of 72Films Ltd

Next week, GPB presents the premiere of a three-part series detailing the Nazis' rise to power in 1930's Germany. We'll also go undercover to investigate surveillance and mass imprisonment in China. Take a look below at what's coming up!  

Rise of the Nazis - Tuesday, November 10 at 9 PM

See how Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rise to power. In 1930, Germany is a liberal democracy. Just four years later, democracy is dead, Germany’s leader is a dictator and the government is in the hands of the Nazis.

FRONTLINE: China Undercover - Tuesday, November 10 at 10 PM

A special undercover report from China’s secretive Xinjiang region. Investigating the Communist regime’s mass imprisonment of Muslims, and its use and testing of sophisticated surveillance technology against the population.